Welcome to the world called eyrie!

This is the campaign homepage. You may have noticed that the campaign’s name is spelled in all lower case letters. This is because eyrie is the name of the planet at the center of the game; like we spell earth with a lower case “e”, so is the primordal world of the game spelled all lower case. eyrie is a world of extremes; A Volcanic north pole and a frozen south pole and one continent at war with another.
The Halesh War of Lizard Supremacy with the dictatorial forces of the Goldbrecht Empire ended in a diplomatic stale mate. The Halesh forces, who had yielded monarchical authority to the Chieftans of the Mud Lizard Tribes of the Western Swamps and established a progressive representative parliamentary system, were not able to take control of the southern most cities on the western continent; leaving them under Goldbrecht’s control.

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